Case Study: NEM Coin


It is well known that public opinion is integral to the success of any cryptocurrency, and this case study seeks to illustrate the influence successful e-PR strategies can have on the cryptocurrency market. Cryptocurrency companies understand, perhaps better than anyone, that public relations must be adaptable to the growing demands of online audiences. By reducing the background noise to bring their clients’ voices to the forefront, Fling the World has long been enhancing visibility for a diverse range of clients competing in the fierce virtual environment of public opinion.

As this case study of the cryptocurrency XEM highlights, E-Public Relations provides a range of tailored services to bring about intuitive transformations. Geared to set trends rather than follow them, Fling the World works to define and accelerate these shifts in public perception using the strategic implementation of its technology and tools. Over the course of this three month public perception campaign, Fling the World’s PR executives ensured that accurate content was efficiently delivered to achieve clients’ goals despite tight deadlines – ultimately meeting its client’s objectives.

NEM Coin

Business Challenge: Requested Fling the World’s assistance in boosting organic PR activity and brand awareness between January and March 2021 in preparation for certain marketing objectives such as the launch of their NEM Symbol public blockchain.

Created in 2015, XEM existed long before the crypto hype exploded and is managed by the non-profit organization, NEM Foundation based in Singapore. Its Group Board of Directors is responsible for setting the strategy and budgets as well as directing all aspects of the NEM group as they work towards meeting its collective objectives. In 2019 the foundation experienced funding issues that forced layoffs and a pivot for the group, affecting confidence in XEM as the foundation requested community members return 160 million XEM tokens to rescue the foundation.

Methods: Thanks to its digital position, Fling the World is uniquely situated to monitor trends and facilitate digital publishing in any target geography or demographic its client wishes. Adept at maintaining professional contacts – particularly within the news industry as it rapidly transforms in the digital age – Fling the World has proven able to utilize the digital transformations of these contacts to achieve both its clients’ and publishers’ goals. Aware of global and emerging trends specific to the UK and USA, Fling the World is continually acquiring and building new relationships in an ongoing process that adds high-value content to its campaigns. Supplementing this content with engaging stories, visuals, graphs, and eye-catching figures that convey the message’s relevance, each piece is tied to the client’s overarching marketing goals.

Fling the World’s primary messaging objectives for NEM:

  • Building investor confidence in XEM’s value
  • Increasing product and currency awareness
  • Growing NEM’s media audience
Fling the World’s adoption of the latest technology and tools helps it achieve record speed in publishing across social media outlets and via public posts on various sites. Additionally, the PR team increased XEM’s visibility on platforms like Twitter as the PR team drew on a range of contacts with influential, high traction posters. As an established, media-friendly digital agency Fling the World maximized coverage across the digital field through outreach campaigns that helped secure the right coverage for XEM – effectively amplifying organic brand recognition through user-to-user engagement. Using various Telegram groups with audiences of over 6,000 members, XEM’s strategic information was efficiently put in front of key publishers, general audiences, and interest groups.


Over the course of the campaign, investments with XEM increased by 257%. The PR content’s demonstrated awareness of the cryptocurrency market, and use of SEO optimization techniques contributed overall to NEM’s newfound success within this period. Owing in part to this concerted media effort, XEM went from $0.2223 at the start of January to $0.795 by the beginning of March. Coinciding with the hype over NEM’s new Symbol platform, this increase demonstrates the effectiveness of the digital PR strategy pursued in preparation for the product launch. As of March the XEM currency ranked at 14 among cryptocurrencies and had a market capitalization of $6.8 billion.


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