Case Study: Greene Concepts Inc.

In the digital age, public relations must adapt to meet the demands of a growing audience, and Fling the World has long been enhancing visibility for a range of diverse clients competing in the fierce virtual environment of public opinion. This case study illustrates the impact and influence of our services across various online channels; specifically, Fling The World’s efficiency in delivering content and achieving clients’ goals in the face of tight deadlines.


Geared to set trends rather than follow them, Fling the World works to define online trends using the strategic implementation of technology and tools. Throughout their client relationships, Fling the World helps reduce the background noise to bring their clients’ voices to the forefront. As businesses and their audiences increasingly conduct research and transactions online, it is only logical that e-PR emerges as the foremost asset in this virtual, competitive environment. E-Public Relations has the ability to bring intuitive transformations to a wide spectrum of businesses as this case study of Greene Concepts Inc. demonstrates.

Greene Concepts Inc.

Business Challenge: Requested Fling the World’s assistance in boosting PR activity between April and June 2021 in order to meet certain marketing targets. Overview: Greene Concepts’ new product “BeWater” has differentiated itself from countless competitors in the bottled water industry. Promising and delivering a healthy lifestyle choice to consumers, the product has risen above similarly marketed products. Bringing with it a character of corporate social responsibility, Greene Concept’s BeWater is likely to remain a competitive product that continues to push the bottled water industry into a new era. Fling the World paired its client’s marketing analysis with its e-PR methods to achieve the company’s goal of raising product awareness across online channels to reach targeted audiences. By adding its weight behind the company to establish BeWater’s brand identity and increase its visibility, Fling the World has helped position BeWater as an exciting health liquid alternative. Consequently, the product has been well received by a diverse range of consumers.

Strong media networks are essential to any public relationship which is why Fling the World has established itself as a media-friendly digital agency whose powerful contacts with online publishers allow for the greatest coverage across the digital field. Sharing accurate content with key publishers enables these conduits to easily broadcast clients’ strategic information. These outreach campaigns help secure the right coverage for clients, thereby organically increasing product awareness. Dramatic stories and flashy media campaigns were not necessary to achieve Greene Concepts’ goals, as their target audiences were easily reached and convinced by hard figures and accurate business objectives. In this manner, Fling the World was able to build sufficient interest within the intended audiences that then amplified with user-to-user engagement. Experience in UK’s and USA’s developed markets has honed Fling the World’s use of strategic external communications, aiding them in consistently realizing their clients’ unique objectives. Using a sustained approach to putting clients’ content where it matters most, Fling the World’s large network and well-formed profile trigger some of the best and most immediate action in the PR industry. For Greene Concepts, Fling the World used “” as a relevant intermediary for conveying the client’s message and generating online mileage for its new product (link below). As well as “” where its article received 78 shares to date.


In addition to user shares and social media activity, Fling the World’s content was picked up by over 100 sites over the course of this coordinated media campaign. These factors combined with generated media buzz across various channels served to cement the company’s product as a major player in the industry. Similarly, INKW went from $0.02 per share to a 52-week high of $0.15 during this period. We are happy to see the product continue to be well-received and its recent success in becoming the new vendor to the American Corporation, Camping World.


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