Case Study: Allied Energy Corp.

In the digital age, public relations must adapt to meet the demands of a growing audience, and Fling the World has long been enhancing visibility for a range of diverse clients competing in the fierce virtual environment of public opinion. The purpose of this case study is to illustrate the impact and influence of our services across various online channels; specifically, the efficiency of Fling The World‘s leading PR executives in delivering content and achieving client’s goals in the face of tight deadlines.


Geared to set trends rather than follow them, Fling the World works to define online trends using the strategic implementation of technology and tools. Throughout their client relationships, Fling the World helps reduce the background noise to bring their clients’ voices to the forefront. As businesses and their audiences increasingly conduct research and transactions online, it is only logical that e-PR emerges as the foremost asset in this virtual, competitive environment. E-Public Relations has the ability to bring intuitive transformations to a wide spectrum of businesses as this case study of Greene Concepts Inc. and Allied Energy Corp. demonstrates.


Client: Allied Energy Corp.

Business Challenge: Requested Fling the World’s assistance in boosting organic PR activity between April and June 2021 in order to meet certain marketing efforts. Overview: Allied Energy Corp, incorporated in Nevada, USA, is seeking to expand its business activities. Given the unusual situational demand oil is experiencing in the USA, the corporation sought to leverage its position as an explorer of high potential, proven oil reserves to expand and become a promising, reliable source for American energy. Combining their marketing team’s expertise with Fling the World’s, Allied Energy Corp. began a PR campaign to make its presence felt in the digital, public domain. By accentuating and sustaining this campaign with an e-PR digital agency, the company achieved its objective and has seen a coinciding rise in its stocks.
Methods: Working from a range of locations to serve the needs of an international clientele, Fling the World is adept at maintaining professional contacts – particularly with the news industry which is rapidly transforming in the digital age. Fostering these relationships is critical to meeting workflow demands and Fling the World has proven able to utilize the digital transformations of these news agencies to achieve both parties’ goals. As such, Fling the World’s PR Executives stay aware of global trends as well as emerging trends specific to UK’s and USA’s media industries. Thanks to its digital position, Fling the World is uniquely situated to monitor trends and facilitate digital publishing in any target geography its client wishes. In this way, Fling the World is continually acquiring and building new relationships as part of an ongoing process. Understanding that audiences require more than a block of text to be convinced of a press release’s statement, Fling the World employs visuals, graphs, and eye-catching figures to communicate the message’s relevance to its target audience. Supplementing this content with generated stories and engaging content, the PR agency ties every piece into the client’s overarching marketing campaign. Consequently, this required a great deal of synergy between Fling the World’s staff and Allied Energy Corp.’s marketing team in addition to the various media houses involved in the campaign. Through timely, succinct email communications and press releases that meet the journalistic requirements of each institution, Fling the World added content value rather than needless spam.

Fling the World’s primary messaging objectives for Allied Energy Corporation:

  • Its expansion and reputation as a reliable energy company in the American oil sector
  • Its new partnership in Texas may accelerate profitability.
Increasing Allied Energy Corp.’s visibility on platforms like Twitter, Fling the World efficiently provided multi-media stories with high-resolution images and appropriate text. Drawing on a range of contacts, Fling the World was able to publish content across influential, high traction portals such as:


The company’s marketing team set out with the objective of increasing Allied Energy’s investor base and consequently pursued a Public Relations campaign to accommodate this goal. Over the course of the campaign, the company made gains in the penny stock market as investor excitement increased. While the volatile nature of the American oil market contributed to this success, the PR content’s quality, demonstrated awareness of the US oil industry, and use of SEO optimization techniques undoubtedly contributed to the overall success of the Allied Energy Corporation’s media campaign within the short timeframe provided. Owing in part to this concerted media effort, AGYP  went from $0.26 per share to a new 52-week high at the time, of $0.77.


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